• Client :City of Sorel-Tracy
  • Architecture :Lemay et Riopel+Associés architectes in consortium
  • Budget :$ 35M

Excerpt of project description from the City of Sorel-Tracy :

“Lemay and Riopel+Associés architects are at the origin of the concept of the new aquatic complex. The team describes the project as follows: “We were inspired by the place and the history of Sorel-Tracy. The volume of the basin will be covered with metal panels in galvanized steel, which evokes the metallurgical work of the local industry. In the pool area, a glazed perimeter is planned with the aim of creating a connection between the project and its landscaped environment. Finally, the large pool also includes a wooden structure.»


Here are the elements that make up the aquatic complex project.

Big pool

It is a large square pool measuring 25 meters by 25 meters. It will make it possible to train there, organize major competitions, but also to swim for recreational purposes. It will include 10 swimming lanes and a deep section for diving from springboards. The surroundings of the large pool will also be equipped with numerous water features, thus meeting the needs of families.

Dry sauna

The Sorel-Tracy Aquatic Complex will offer an unprecedented relaxation area. Reserved for those aged 18 and over, this space will allow you to relax.

This sauna will be of Finnish design (dry sauna), with a temperature of approximately 80°C (176°F) and a humidity level of approximately 10%.


Multidisciplinary room

Whether for a business meeting or a party with friends, the aquatic complex provides citizens with a multidisciplinary room.”

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