• Client :Groupe Sélection, Montoni and Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ
  • Architecture :Sid Lee Architecture + STGM Architecture
  • Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture :BC2

Excerpt from the project website:


The Selection Group–MONTONI–Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ Consortium is pleased to present the preliminary vision of the redevelopment project for the former Molson Brewery site. The central theme of the first phase of this nearly 6-million-square-foot historic mixed-use project in downtown Montréal will be showcasing the legacy and heritage of the Îlot des Voltigeurs, the oldest part of the site. Several iconic elements of the former brewery, including the clock, the Molson sign and the chimney, as well as the new Molson Coors’ administrative offices, will be an integral part of the development concept.

By highlighting this heritage, the Consortium aims to create a dynamic, innovative and diversified living environment while ensuring the sustainability of the existing Îlot des Voltigeurs built environment. It seeks to open the site to the surrounding areas and to create views towards the St. Lawrence River. The proposed concept preserves a cascading silhouette around the highest point, the iconic Molson Tower.

To generate vibrant, mixed-use activity, the Consortium proposes to create quality pedestrian-friendly spaces that will be accessible to all Montrealers and to incorporate heritage and archeological remnants.”