• Client :Group Devimco
  • Architecture :Les architectes FABG et STGM + Associés architectes
  • Entrepreneur :Edyfic
  • Photos Credits :Graph Synergie (perspectives) + Tarmac (site photos)

$ 500M real estate development project to make downtown Longueuil a TOD project. The project is made up of two 33-storey towers each located on either side of the Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke metro terminal tunnel.

This podium allows in particular to overhang the infrastructures of the tunnels and platforms of the metro station. In addition to providing access to STM users, it will house many commercial spaces as well as a food court.

The two towers are connected to each other by an impressive podium composed of “tree-shaped” steel structures which span the tunnels and platforms of the metro station below. In addition to providing access to STM users, this podium will house many commercial spaces and a food court.

* Images courtesy of Devimco Real Estate

Technical challenges :

  • Accommodation of the needs, requirements and priorities of the City of Longueuil, the STM and the developer.
  • Investigation, location and management of a main sewer line crossing the site of the future building, without precise existing plans or access to the interior of the infrastructure.
  • Integration of spans of up to 54 m in the food court.  

Notable solutions and innovations :

  • Integration of transfer beams in passive reinforcement, with a flexible design in order to compensate for the imprecision of the existing sewer pipe at the time of the structural design.
  • Complex geotechnical and geomechanical studies to quantify the effect of laying new foundations 500 mm from existing STM installations.
  • Elegant and ingenious tree-shaped structures to manage long spans in the food court.