Bellechasse Transport Center - Société de transport de Montréal

Client : Société de transport de Montréal (STM)
Awards :

​​​The Bellechasse Transport Center is an exceptional project for both its outstanding design and its innovative approach to urban integration. The building has a 120 m (394 ft) by 180 m (591 ft) footprint and elegantly conceals the maintenance and operations of the Société de Transport de Montréal’s buses. Functional and distinctive, the Bellechasse Transport Center will be the first multi-level center in Canada and the first in North America to be completely underground. Fitted out with the necessary equipment to operate a complete fleet of 100% electric buses, it will receive a significant portion of the STM’s 300 hybrid buses starting in January 2022.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGES (Main Building Superstructure by SNC-Lavalin | Circular Ramps and Excavation by ELEMA) :

  • Excavation of the building footprint to a depth of 20 m (66 ft), including 18 m (59 ft) in a non-fractured rock of excellent quality.
  • Complex geometry accommodating circular bus ramps.
  • Imposing steel structure designed for heavy electric buses loads.
  • Steel structure transferring a circular column pattern to an orthogonal grid.


  • Rock excavation strategy to take advantage of building boundaries in relation to the lot limit
  • BIM integration for all disciplines including the site excavation 
  • Steel transfer structure for circular ramps to support floor loads and provide adequate clearance for vehicles


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** Project in collaboration with SNC-Lavalin


  • Ramp-1
  • Ramp-2
  • Ramp-3
  • Dynamitage 1
  • Dynamitage 2
  • Dynamitage 3
  • STM-1
  • STM-2
  • Coupe 1
  • Coupe 2