LAURÉAT @ Prix du Mérite 2019 du magazine Canadian Architect

Nouvelles December 5, 2019

C'est avec grand plaisir que nous avons été informés que le Centre de transport Bellechasse a remporté un Prix du Mérite aux Prix d'excellence 2019 du magazine Canadian Architect. Félicitations aux autres membres de l'équipe: STM, Lemay, SNC-Lavalin, Bouthillette Parizeau et Tetratech!

Les commentaires du jury ont été les suivants (extraits de l'annonce officielle en anglais) :

Rami Bebawi :: It’s solving the spatial needs of dealing with buses and the administrative offices. And it’s trying to heal an urban wound in the city and linking it by becoming an above-ground park. Those two notions are noble and it tends to do it with elegance. Can the development of the landscape be pushed forward, beyond planes and stairs, so that it becomes more inviting for occupation?

Joe Lobko :: This is a remarkable transformation of a building type, taking a massive parking garage with all its negative impacts and turning it into a landscape and public space feature. It is an ambitious city-building effort that cleverly and effectively synthesizes a challenging program and context, creating a great new landmark for this community.

Cindy Wilson :: This is an interesting reinterpretation of a transportation center within a dense urban environment. By burying the electric buses underground, the park can exist: a green transportation network creating a green public space. An investigation into the energy supply and heat recovery could further support the existing neighbourhood’s journey towards a greener future.

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