Humaniti Complex

Clients: COGIR immobilier and Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ

The Humaniti Complex is a 39-storey mixed-use project located in the renowned Montreal International District. This project by COGIR immobilier and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ will bring together 314 housing units, 151 condos, a 193-room hotel and 6000 m² (64,000 ft²) of office space and 1600 m² (17,000 ft²) of commercial space. The premise of the project is oriented so that urban customers can work, eat and have fun before returning to their housing unit, without leaving the real estate that aims for a LEED and WELL certification, a first in Quebec for a building of this height.

Our mandate was to build the upper portion of the tower, from the 2nd floor to the 39th floor, 120 m (394 ft) above ground level. These floors include two outdoor pools, three outdoor decks and a ten-storey concrete structure for the hotel portion resting on a steel structure designed as a bridge to connect the volume of office space to that of the high-rise apartment building at 20 m (65 ft) above the ground.


  • Mixed-use building requiring the interconnection of varying column grids.
  • Transfer structure of 27 m (90 ft) absorbing the loads of the 12-storey hotel, that could only be erected by tower cranes, without the use of scaffolding.
  • Design of a jointless lateral load resistance system beared on two separate podiums.


  • Transfer frames designed as a freestanding structure as it is built.
  • Design of 9 post-tension beams.
  • Steel-reinforced concrete composite structure.

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