"Contemplation" Artwork by Pascale Girardin

Client : Carbonleo
Artist : Pascale Girardin
Photo credit (final artwork) : Stephany Hildebrand

In addition to the building structure of the Four Seasons Montréal Hotel & Residences, ELEMA was commissioned to accompany the internationally renowned Québec artist Pascale Girardin in the creation of the work "Contemplation" which is suspended between the 9th and 18th floors of the open air central atrium.

We have in particular:

  • Determined the aluminum thickness required to ensure the adequate structural capacity of the flowers and petals (94 units in total), based on the reception of prototypes;
    • Snow and ice loads had to be considered;
    • Note that 24K gold leaves are partially applied to them;
  • Specified the vertical suspension cables and their anchors in the 9th floor slab and the 18th floor horizontal suspension system in order to maintain optimum tension, taking into account, in particular, temperature variations;
  • Specify the attachments of flowers and petals to the vertical suspension cables;
  • Designed the horizontal 10" diameter steel suspension structure located at the top of the atrium and attached to the perimeter concrete parapets.

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  • Contemplation 1
  • Oeuvre "Contemplation" par Pascale Girardin