5 years - A duty of memory and celebration

News October 16, 2019

Five years ago today, ELEMA was founded with all the emotion, excitement and craze that starting a new business can generate.

Although we had certain expectations at the beginning, 1825 days later, we find that these were largely exceeded: we are obviously happy, but above all grateful to have such stimulating mandates supported by an amazind and dedicated team!

At the same time, our young firm was not spared from the tragedies due to cancer which ultimately shaped the character of our firm: four people have been diagnosed since 2012 and two have unfortunately fallen in battle. We therefore produced the pins above which are a duty of memory towards David Rokas (2015) and Martin Weilbrenner (2019), but are also a celebration of life through the full recovery of Martin Houle and Anthony Sicuranza.

This terrible disease made us lose precious colleagues and friends, but in return, we became a stronger, more resilient family.

For the occasion, we invited our team to "climb" the Bromont mountain in order to visit our project for the new chalet, which is perched 351 m high. As the video shows (see link), it was a very convivial activity in a picturesque landscape which was crowned by a reception at the bottom of the mountain later on.

Like our 1825 days of existence, sometimes it is not the magnitude of the challenge that counts, but rather the way you confront it, one day at a time, one step at a time. This climb was the occasion for multiple discussions between colleagues, mutual encouragement and well-deserved congratulations for reaching the summit, wearing construction boots in some cases!

Photo and video credits: Louis-Charles Dumais

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