Innovative, optimized and, above all, high-quality structural solutions

Our group of engineers, architects and technicians form a solid and dynamic interdisciplinary team in building structures.

Our Dna


Founded by consulting engineers who are passionate and specialized in conceiving building structures, ELEMA refines the art of an open and communicative approach based on team cooperation, with our staff as well as with our clients and other construction professionals. Rich with a proven experience of varied achievements, ELEMA is at the forefront of the industry to give life to the most ambitious creations.

Our philosophy aligns with our interdisciplinary team’s self-attributed mission : to respond irreproachably to the intrinsic and architectural finesses of each of our structural mandates.

ELEMA’s goal is therefore to provide to our clients and partners elegant, innovative and optimized structural solutions that integrate, at each step of the project, an exceptional quality.

Our Team

Our Team

Building projects are by definition “multidisciplinary”, i.e. they integrate professionals from various backgrounds that come together to create a  common project based on their specialization. 

Understanding this traditional dynamic, our group of engineers, architects and technicians form an “interdisciplinary” team where our professional achievements share a common structure background.

This proven approach therefore enables ELEMA to focus on facilitating and accelerating a project’s multiple coordination phases, thus minimizing common planning issues such as excavation, slab edges and openings, column sizing and positioning, beam interferences, miscellaneous structural steel works, etc.

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